Our Mission Statement:

Loral Sims School of Dance's mission is to provide classical training, contemporary style and proper technique in a safe, positive and motivating environment. The fun and "family oriented" atmosphere of Studio 1 & 2 promotes self-confidence, discipline, personal accomplishment and respect for others. Students of all ages have studied under Miss Loral and her staff for years and continue to share their love and passion for dance.

Our Facilities:

Both Studio 1 & 2 are equipped with spacious studios, professional dance flooring, viewing windows, comfortable waiting areas and a play area for siblings. Both locations also have large parking areas and are conveniently located within walking distance of several eateries and shops.

Our Classes:

Studio 1 & 2 offer a comprehensive program of dance classes for ages 2 to adult. Classical training, contemporary style and proper technique is provided in the following areas of dance:


Tiny Stars
A “preschool” dance class offered for 3-4 year olds just starting out in the world of dance! This class will introduce students to some basics of ballet, stretching, and creative movement.

Combo Classes
Our combo classes are offered for children ages 4-5 years. We offer Tap/Ballet or Ballet/Acro.


A great class for all levels. Develop the fundamentals of dance through control, poise, precision, fluency and grace using the technique and style of ballet.


En pointe (pointe) means “on the tips of the toes” and is a part of classical ballet technique made possible by specially reinforced shoes or toes shoes. The technique developed from the desire for dancers to appear weightless and sylph-like and has evolved to enable dancers to dance on the tips of their toes for extended periods of time. Although both men and women are capable of dancing en pointe, it is more commonly done by women.


Lyrical dance is a dance style that combines elements of Ballet, Modern, and Jazz techniques. It is commonly set to popular music with vocals or just instrumental bars. The name lyrical comes from the word “lyrics” because dancers use the lyrics of a song or instrumental music to inspire them to do certain movements or show expression. The goal of a lyrical dancer is to use gesture, facial expression, and controlled movements on order to execute their movements and emotions fully. Besides emotional connection to music, lyrical dance typically encourages use of articulation, line, weight, and movement qualities. Learn music interpretation through sustained extensions and expressive emotion. Lyrical is a type of dance that relies on a direct relationship between the lyrics of various songs/poems and specific dance movements.

Jazz technique is based on the natural movement of the body and is designed to increase body control and coordination. Routines are set to modern and contemporary music.
Hip Hop

Street dance style for free-styling integrating jazz techniques with acrobatic movement.

Acro dance is a style of dance that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. It is defined by its athletic character, its unique choreography, which seamlessly blends dance and acrobatics, and its use of acrobatics in a dance context. Acro dance is known by various other names including acrobatic dance and gymnastic dance, though it is most commonly referred to simply as acro by dancers and dance professionals.
Teaches an awareness of beat, timing and rhythm. Combining the technique of tap dancing with nostalgic to modern styles.
Musical Theater
A style of dance used to portray the emotional content of a piece of music from a play or film.











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